Today I am giving up my blog to a  little boy who lives in a bubble.

Here he is:

He’s beautiful and he’s brave and if you could do a tiny thing to make him smile, wouldn’t you?

Well, you can and I did!

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You’ll feel better for it, and so will he :)

V. Kathryn Evans:

This is just great – am reblogging so I don’t lose it!

Originally posted on Girls Heart Books:

A lot of people give advice about how to write a novel, and that’s great. But I’m more and more getting the feeling that all anyone can really tell an aspiring writer is ‘start writing and keep on writing until you’ve finished the story’).

It’s rarer to see advice about what to do once the book has an agent, and a book deal, but actually, I think that this sort of thing would be far more practically useful. I thought it would be simple (and slightly magical), but it turns out that there are lots of surprising pitfalls, and lots of people around you who think you know what you’re doing – whereas in reality you barely know which way is up. So here are some things that I think every new author ought to know.

  • That advance? It isn’t all yours. Not only does some of it go to…

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Thanks to Maureen Lynas for the Pciture :)

Thanks to Maureen Lynas for the Picture :)

I feel the need to come clean. Many of you who are friends with me on Facebook and Twitter think that I’m dyslexic. I make an unimaginable  number of typos when I dash off a reply or a status update in the few seconds I have to spare while dropping in to have a quick chat. Quite a few people have commented on my dyslexia. I am so, so sorry. I am not dyslexic. I am lazy. Even before typing, my fingers wrote things wrong. I  spinout words as fast as my brain can conjure them and my fingers can’t keep up. Then, instead of checking what I’ve typed/written/scrawled, I press send and litter the internet with the wordy mess my brain has spewed out.

I know a lot of people with dyslexia. They are infinitely more careful than me in their postings. In many cases, I suspect you wouldn’t know they are dyslexic, so careful are they.

My accountant once  told me he’d be suspicious of any email purporting to be from me, but without any typos. I am a disgrace.

I hang my head in shame. I am an afront to all people with a genuine problem.

Sadly, I can’t see matters changing in the near future. Sorry about that. I will try but, you know…lazy.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m tlakiogn about ( oooo, that was a good one) here is an uncreected selection of this post:

I feel the need to come clea. Many of you whoe are friends of mine of facenook and Twitter think that I’m dyslexic. I make an unimaginabel numebr of typos when I dash of a reply or a stauts update in teh few seconds I have to spare whiel droppping in for a quick chat…..I mano dysalexic, I am a diosgarece.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Please feel free to poke me with sticks.


IT’S GREAT!!!!!!

That’s pretty much it – except to say it takes a loooooong time. Or this one did. Lots of behind the scenes negotiation in which my agent, Sophie Hicks, more than earned her money. The skeleton deal was done four months ago, in November 2014.  My first lot of edits have already gone back. Still, this felt like a significant milestone on my publishing journey Continue Reading »


Tinder, Sally Gardner & David Roberts Greenaway and Carnegie Shortlist

I realise this makes me look overly ambitious but, come on, this is the one we all dream about, isn’t it? Continue Reading »


Word Counts!

The post with the most hits on my website BY FAR  is ‘Word Counts’.  Clearly, we writers are a bit obsessed with counting them there words. . Funny that, how numbers occupy so much  of our brains. I think three deep concerns are the drivers for this:

  • Trying to ensure we’re a good fit for our genre
  • Not wanting to leave ANY excuse for rejection
  • Desperately wanting to know ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

Given that’s it’s such an interesting topic, I thought I’d dust off that old post and update it a bit…. Continue Reading »

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMichael Rosen posted a link on Twitter about how exams ruin poetry. I can attest to this. Both the men in my life claim to hate poetry and yet….one of them has a copy of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘IF’ on his office door and the other wrote a poem about how much he hated poetry – it had passion, conviction, direction and form. Oh yes, he understood the form. Form, is actually quite maths-ey don’t you know. He poured out his anger, he wrote a powerful poem. This person that hates poetry.

So why do they think they hate it so much? Continue Reading »


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