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Did someone say dressing up?

What a fool I am – I thought I was breaking ground, talking to school librarians about what they really want from a school visit. Of course I wasn’t! Still, researching this post has kept Bad Shouty brain mostly in check this week – and I’ve learned stuff! Continue Reading »

A life more ordinary.....

Me? Worried?

So, I hit my first deadline and sent in my edits with a bowlful of relief and an email full of questions. I loved the feeling that this was a collaboration in a way, a director and an actor working together – my performance but with the hand of my editor firmly on my shoulder. It felt great to send something off and not immediately start biting my nails, waiting for the inevitable rejection.

Ha. So much for that. Old habits die hard. Sarah was called away to a more urgent project, my edits would have to wait a little while.

‘BECAUSE IT’S RUBBISH,’ screamed my Bad Shouty Brain. Continue Reading »

A new thing. A thing with technology! A thing where I should probably have put the lights on. Ah well…the book’s still ace, you can buy signed copies from the fabulous Solva Woollen Mill too.

Tiny book necklace of One Of Us

A Tiny version of A Brilliant Book made by Strangeness & Charms

My absolutely lovely critique pal, Jeannie Waudby, launched her debut novel - One of Us – last night. I had  day release from the farm and was so excited I travelled up early. My journey to London was enlivened by the presence of three young men travelling to Soho for a Drag Queen Competition. Continue Reading »

V. Kathryn Evans:

This blog featured in Bekki’s amazing book ‘NLP for Writers’ – she really is one of the best motivators I know – well worth a follow

Originally posted on The Creativity Cauldron:

Having been a creativity coach for almost 15 years doesn’t make me exempt from the pitfalls; my life goes out of kilter, I lose confidence, I get stuck, I think unhelpful thoughts, I procrastinate. But if I’m to ‘walk my talk’ I need to continually address these things. In this blog I’ll share how I do this in my creative life. In doing so, hopefully I’ll help my readers gain greater creative fulfilment and focus more effectively on their creative dreams. I’m also blogging to inspire, motivate and help myself and others increase and maintain creativity. I’ll probably blog about a few other creative things too. I hope you decide to join me on this journey.

Today, I’m starting by blogging about procrastination…

The Ghosts of Projects Past

GhostsI stepped into the new year with a trail of unfinished creative projects skulking behind me. As we head towards February they remain lurking in the…

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A shelf of books with a gap to fit an Evans book in.

Oh look, a space on the book shelf for an Evans

I remember the many questions I had, but didn’t like to ask, when friends got their first deals. I thought I might start a series of posts about the process of getting a debut novel from acceptance to the book shelf. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer. Continue Reading »

V. Kathryn Evans:

I’ve had a few strange questions since I signed my first book deal . This should clear up some of them, Thank you Holly Bourne, funny and spot on.

Originally posted on AUTHOR ALLSORTS:

NOTE: I LOVE being an author. I feel like the luckiest THING ever. This post is not a sign of my unhumbleness.

…However, since the wonder of being published, I’ve got one niggle. Whenever I talk to anyone about my books, people say the same things to me. Over and over. There are obviously a lot of myths out there about authors, so I’d thought I’d answer the main ones here, all in one go.

Myth one: Authors are all filthy rich…like JK Rowling

What not to say: “Wow, you’re an author? So, where’s your castle then, JK Rowling?”

The reality: Honestly, I’d make more money if I was paid a pound for every time someone brings up JK Rowling when talking to me about my career, then I’d ever make from selling books.

Here is the basic maths…

An average book costs, say, £7.99.

An average…

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