I picked up the Manifesto on How To Be Interesting, and then Am I Normal Yet because I wanted to read a few more Usborne YA books and get to know the neighbours.

One more reason to love my publisher.

Holly Bourne is my kind of writer – honest and playful and prepared to dig deep. Right now, she’s my new favourite. There are actual tears in this review.

I’m a new girl at this publishing lark. And a not very cool one at that. I get quite giddy and gushy and over excited at all manner of things. Understanding this about myself, I observe what the great and the good say and do in order to inform my own behaviour – I don’t want to look like a twit,do I? Continue Reading »

A little follow up to my previous post. Bristy the photographer, who loves to tell a story as much as I do,  suggested this shot and I was horrified – tear up a book? An actual book? Never. And then I remembered, I’d bought a copy of 50 Shades of Grey.  I honestly tried to read it – THREE TIMES. Gave up every time. The world is full of these books – it wouldn’t miss one…what fun we had!



Me and my adorable stinky dog, Diesal.

Me and my adorable stinky dog, Diesal.

I should preface this post with a brief explanation. Those that know me will realise I am a bit of a show off, quite happy in front of a camera. However, those that know me really well, will also know that I’m not a huge fan of posing for photographs for long periods of time. Continue Reading »

If you are an aspiring writer and you don’t yet know the Notes from the Slushpile blog, you are in for a treat! Continue Reading »

I’ve never read so much historical YA in one hit and there’s more to come!  Here are three of my favorites so far

I’m almost finished reading Lucy Coats Cleo too, another cracker- my brain is learning so much stuff it may burst!


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